Leadership Styles and Its Effect on Employees

Topics: Leadership, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 5 (1359 words) Published: June 27, 2013
Jasiri Daire
Grand Canyon University: RES-811(RES-811- TEM 101)
January 9, 2012

This paper will compare three journal articles written on the impact of leadership styles on employees and organizations. I will examine and compare the research methodologies of each of the three articles. The comparison will include a descriptive detail of the research questions, sample populations, and limitations of each study. The goal of this writing is to analyze and understand the three articles and how the respective research affects the overall results of the studies. The articles will simply be referred to as articles one, two, and three.

The first article, Transformational Leadership in the Public Sector: Does Structure Matter?, by Wright & Pandey, tests the theory of whether or not the structure of an organization can determine the effectiveness of transformational leadership. The authors delve into the idea that public organizations, being perceived as bureaucratic institutions still have a high level of transformational leadership traits in their performance measurements. The study defends the theory that in order for a leader to transform employees there needs to be a certain level of willingness and flexibility by the employee. This flexibility will allow the leader to motivate the employee beyond the status quo. The argument is also made that while the bureaucratic structure of public organizations may hinder transformation leadership to some extent it will not extinguish it entirely.

The second article, The Effect of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on the Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Customer Contact Personnel by Emery & Barker, analyses the effects of transformational and transactional leadership on job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The authors argue that customer satisfaction levels are directly impacted by the attitudes of employees. This is the reason that a manager’s ability to motivate and inspire employees should have a positive correlation on customer satisfaction levels. The authors are effective in showing the positive correlations between high customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. They also show how transactional and transformational leadership styles have different effects on employee morale.

The third article, Transformational Leadership Type in Public and Private Organizations by Mihaela Rus, compares transformational versus transactional leadership, and presents some validity to the notion that transformational leadership ultimately leads to better performance. The study explains the impact that leadership has on the organization’s overall culture and shows how the two leadership styles affect employee behavior. There were positive correlations in the quality of performance as employees reciprocated under transformational leadership versus the transitional leadership style. There was also a positive correlation between transformational leadership and employee effort, due to employees having higher performance expectations when they felt involved.

When comparing the articles and their research questions there are more similarities than differences. These similarities affect the results of each study, but not greatly. The first question that was posed in all three articles was regarding the structure of an organization and how it affects the ability for each leadership style to manifest. The first article posed the question, that the more hierarchical the authority structure is within an organization, the less likely transformational leadership behaviors will be present (Wright & Pandey, 2010). Additionally, it proposed the question that weak lateral and upward communication within organization meant less transformational leadership would be present in an organization. Conversely, it posed the question that the less an...

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