Leadership Styles

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Leadership Styles
When looking at what makes a great leader we often see qualities that were instilled in them overtime, and some that is natural to the human. Building on these styles can be from previous mentors where someone wants to learn good and bad styles of leadership to help build a success range in all projects and objectives in life. Something that is learned in the military is that the importance of leadership comes from focusing on teamwork and willing to be a strong leader for every soldier, and assisting them grow through their knowledge of various leadership styles. Different Styles of Leadership

Being in the Army for almost 12 years something that I have learned is that there is a manual for everything, leadership is one of them. The manual used for this is field manual 6-22, Army Leadership: Competent, Confident, and Agile, which focuses on many various leadership tools and stories of past leadership within the military. One thing that it has supporting many things within military is three developmental stages. In these stages it expresses what subordinates and leaders need to do to succeed. Stage one is formational which is the beginning stage in this process and the leaders goals are to integrate the subordinate in the unit start growth building skills. The second stage is enrichment where leaders focus on subordinate’s growth through accomplishments in teamwork involving personal and professional growth. The last stage is sustainment where the leader focuses on sustaining great teamwork and molds the subordinates in becoming leaders themselves.

Putting this into context and how this assist in a project that I participated in , and how I became a leader that hand to build a team that work together and cohesively. On my fourth deployment to Afghanistan something that I focused on was becoming a stronger leader and focusing on this was important because we were running gun truck missions to support the locals and...

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