Leadership Style and Organizational Impact: Winning Personality

Topics: Leadership, Trait theory, Big Five personality traits Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: January 17, 2012
Winning Personality
Determining your leadership style and successfully implementing that style is important to organizational success as well as your personal success. My leadership style has the attributes of a transformational leadership style. My own individual personality traits and beliefs along with the organizational culture have cultivated this style. Through my leadership style and skills, I have found strategies that are useful in influencing my employees. As a result, I have been successful at motivating my employees to meet their goals as well as accomplish my own goals. Winning Personality

“In an organizational context, leadership is viewed as a prime force that may determine the organizational competitiveness in a global economy” (Ismail, Mohamed, Sulaiman, Mohamad & Yusuf,  2011, p. 89). As a global organization, my company is uniquely focused on leadership and leadership styles. Leaders throughout the organization are determined through not only their work experience but their valuable leadership styles. I find that my winning personality traits are the strongest contributor to my leadership style. I am social, self confident, intelligent, ethical and conscientious. All of these traits are key positive traits in the trait theory (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009, pp. 363-364). In the same respect, I believe that there are such things as key negative traits that prevent employees from reaching their goals. I have used a specific strategy and intervention to develop my employees, reverse their key negative traits and create a goal oriented successful atmosphere. A strategy that I employ to develop my employees are objective attainment reviews. My company has developed an objective attainment process that empowers employees to own their successes. They are the key decision maker in developing their objectives and they are the sole owner of these objectives. I personally sit down with my staff and ask them what they think...

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