Leadership style

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Leadership Style
LDR 531
January 29th, 2014
Allen Autrey
Leadership Style
Transactional leadership. Using this style is one of the most positive and productive ways a leader can create a great working environment. Employees respond is specific ways to leaders and the transactional leader is the encourager, positive reinforcement, but also the disciplinarian when the situation calls for that kind of leadership. Creating clear structure is important in any business. Using transactional leadership, I am able to create a positive work environment while at the same time creating structure and expectations for my team. In the discovery of my leadership style, I have poled five people who either work with me, I work for, or who work for me. The feedback I have received has been very positive and uplifting. The feedback also describes transactional leadership to a tee. Understand the style that is practiced is amazing because it helps me to make sense of what I do and why I do it. It also helps me to understand the structure of my business and how I am seen as a leader among my peers and employees. Pete Carroll is the head coach for the Seattle Seahawks. I chose him because he has been coaching for many years, but his style is one that partners closest to me. Coach Carroll has a belief system and there are several levels to it. “Three rules: 1. Always protect the team; 2. No whining, no complaining, no excuses; 3. Be early. Style: Great effort, great enthusiasm, great toughness, play smart. Beliefs: It’s all about the ball, everything counts, respect everyone. Philosophy: Do thing better than they ever been done before” ("Pete Carroll'S Positive, Profound Approach to Football Working Wonders in Seattle", 2014). His beliefs and coaching style has not always been the expectation of the owners in the NFL. Some think that his way is just not the best way for him to coach, but his coaching style has led to several national college level...
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