Leadership Style

Topics: Leadership, Clara Barton, American Red Cross Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Angie Gooding
Leadership Style Paper
James Morello

Leadership Style Paper

What makes a great leader? How are leaders defined? Are they different than other employees or people we talk with everyday or are they people with a given talent to leader and inspire others to do the same? This paper will spotlight a leader of her times and will also attempt to answer the following questions. Identify someone with a successful leadership style, why is he or she a successful leader, compare your leadership style with that of a successful leader, identify traits of a successful leader, identify your own strength with that of a successful leader. Clara Barton, daughter of a successful farmer, horse breeder, and politician. Clara was the youngest of five children most of her education she receive from her older brothers and sisters ("Women in History", 2012). Her instinctual gift of nursing started when she 11years old, when she took care of her bother through a serious illness. Clara became a instructor at the age of 17 and established her own school six years later ("Women in History", 2012). Ten years after founding her school she felt need to take a different path in life and started writing languages at the liberal institute in Clinton, New York. With the Civil War emerging she devoted herself to helping soldiers on the front. At that time women were not allowed to help in hospitals, camps, or battlefields ("Women in History", 2012). At first military the civil officials refused her help. But eventually Clara gained their trust and aid started pouring in from all over the country. Eventually starting and opening what is now the Red Cross. Clara was president of the Red Cross for well over 20 years. Under her direction she laid down the frame work of the Red Cross to fit the needs of the United States in times peace as well in war times ("Women in History", 2012)....

References: Women in History (2012). Retrieved from http://www.lkwdpl.org
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