Leadership Skills

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Leadership Skills:

Leadership, a very important management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people to reach a certain goal. One very important distinction one must make, is that a leader is very different than a boss/manager.

A great number of years of experience have shown that someone with good leadership is the result of a few important points which I will list below: -A leader must firstly comprehend his/her own needs, personality and character. -A leader ought to be aware of the needs and characteristics of each human in the group -The latter will help plan the agenda and fulfil the objectives planned. -This will create trust and build confidence among all the people present in the group.

These days, all employees joining a company are encouraged to adopt a certain amount of these skills, so that they can benefit the company even more.




Presentation Skills:

In every job, at one point in time, you will have to hold some type of presentations. The latter allows a person to present new ideas, or even just inform staff about what is going on inside outside of the company.

In a normal company, the first line managers will usually give presentations to their staff to brief them about various goals and objectives.

The most important skills to master while holding a presentation are the following:

Get people's attention
Welcome them
Introduce yourself
State the purpose of your presentation
State how you want to deal with questions


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