Leadership Philosophy

Topics: Problem solving, Leadership, Management Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: December 2, 2008
My Leadership Philosophy For me, leadership is about being versatile. One should be flexible enough to be both extroverted and introverted when situation calls for it. Leadership is also about influencing myself and others by giving a greater meaning to shared values. I lead and follow best when my relationships with people have a high level of openness and trust. Self-confidence and versatility are the first and foremost qualities a leader should possess and I think I do. Leadership evolves from those people who are willing to learn, grow and develop from those who participate in his/her vision. I also believe in people and they define my values. We are allowed to lead because those we lead allow us to do so. We can be given authority in management, but we must earn the respect from those we lead .For that a leader needs to possess a few values: Versatile: Tenacious: A leader should be unwavering in his vision. He should be impervious to the criticisms and rejection of fellow mates. He should have mental toughness and a retentive or tenacious memory. Agood memory to enable them to recall people’s names, and the few essential facts that are pertinent to a wide range of problems. When he has a good memory he is able to act with spontaneity without having to refer to any records. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. A potential leader needs a mental toughness and be resolute to go ahead with his vision. Everyone wants a tough-minded leader who sees things as they are and will pay the price. A leader needs to be practical, positive, upbeat. He should be a realist and have a proactive vision. He should get down to business with realistic goals. The effective leader must also be able to diagnose a situation and develop strategies for the improvement. In order to do this well, he must have the ability to perceive and apply a multitude of different “frames”. He should be practical enough to know when not to lead. He needn’t...
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