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Making of a Social Entrepreneur

Arbind Singh: A Social Entrepreneur
Founder & Director, Nidan, Patna

Jai Kumar Verma
PGDIM – 19
Sec - A
Roll No: 65

Social entrepreneurs are the individuals with business insight and who want to for a social cause. They can provide the new approaches needed to fasten the process of reducing poverty and hunger. By combining and developing the innovative ideas from individuals and investments from public, private, and civil society organizations, the entrepreneurs can guide complex global food systems and rural institutions toward their goals

Arbind Singh, he was born in Muzaffarpur and spent his early years in Katihar, a district in India’s northeast state of Bihar, which is a hub of migrants who came to the area in search of work. As a child, he was confused by the routine eviction of neighbourhood vendors. After studying sociology and law in New Delhi, he returned to Bihar in the early 1990s to work with vendors and has been active in the development sector for 17 years. His work in the NGO Adithi was a turning point, where he was deeply inspired by its founder Viji Srinivasan. He started work with vendors under the aegis of Adithi, before registering Nidan as a separate entity in 1996. Arbind’s goal, with great urgency, is to ensure greater numbers and scale of businesses run by the poor. He started Nidan to support poor men, women and their children involved in the informal economy.

Key Factors in Achieving your Dream

1. Begin with an end in mind.
2. Do what you do best.
3. Have people ask you questions about your idea.
4. Practice pitching your idea.
5. Study the history of the problem you are attacking.
6. Develop a theory of change.
7. Keep thinking about how you can measure or evaluate success. 8. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small.
9. Initiate new relationships.
10. Apprentice yourself with masters. (Work without pay if necessary.) 11. Volunteer for a social campaign.
12. Meet with new social entrepreneurs
13. Form a group to achieve a modest, short-term goal.
14. Ask a question at a public forum.
15. Engage people with opposing political views.
16. Ask for advice from people you admire.
17. Read biographies of people who have built things.
18. Spend some time working in a different sector, or field. 19. Practice public speaking.
20. Learn about finance.
21. Learn how to negotiate.
22. Find sources of inspiration and use them.
23. Hold to principles, be flexible about methods.

Founded by Arbind Singh in 1995, Nidan Started in 1995, in Bihar, Nidan is an initiative to help and improve the living of informal sector workers – construction labourers, domestic helpers, micro-farmers, street traders and vendors, waste workers and other marginalized occupation groups, by creating sustainable businesses and collective enterprises owned and controlled by these members of the informal sector. Nidan facilitates education, health and livelihood of the poor men and women or protection of children involved in the informal sector. Presently, it is working in six states in India. It builds profitable businesses and ‘people’s organizations’ that are led by assetless, informal workers. A range of cooperatives, Self Help Groups (SHGs), trade unions, and individual and community businesses launched by Nidan have positioned unorganized workers as legitimate competitors in globalizing markets of India. Nidan works in Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi and Rajasthan.

Nidan taps into the wealth of the poor—primarily their numerical strength—and then aggregates them into economies of scale. These processes of ‘collectivizing’ generates social capital, representation and ‘voice’ for the unorganized poor, which they then leverage to launch their own businesses and shift policy to be recognized as wealth-creators.

In 12 years, Nidan has launched and promoted 20 independent businesses and organizations...
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