Leadership Models

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Leadership in 21st century is more challenging than it was ever before. Leaders face many different challenges in an organization like globalization, increased competition, rapid change, and change in types of workers and related types of contracts, due to no purpose among workers, increase process management and decreased mobility and many other things. Leadership continuously gives challenges to the ability of the leader and to himself as a person. Things change; change brings challenge and no matter how good a leader is he can’t stop that from happening. The ability to handle and deal effectively the challenges defines a person as a leader. During the journey toward the goal a leader faces many challenges or obstacles and some are internal and some are external. It may perhaps seem that a challenge is a problem but not necessarily, it could be an opportunity to reach another level and test ourselves which basically gives an option to improve. External challenges are faced by almost every leader but the most important thing to be considered is how to take such challenge as an invitation and learn from it. That’s what a real leader does. In an organization there are many issues like some employees opposing a leader, politics in an organization, interpersonal problems, lack of resources and social, economic and political forces in the larger level can be a big challenge for a leader. There are employees working for companies for years and if they are given the role of a leader then things can go wrong because this century needs dynamic leadership qualities. Another scary challenge for leader is the development of technology which is having an impact on how, what and why a leader does things. The important aspect for the leaders with regard to this enhancing technology is that they should go in parallel with these technologies in order to drive success. Social media is another challenge for leaders as it brings transparency due to which they might feel...

References: Kouzes, J. (2007). The Leadership Challenge (4th ed). Jossey-Bass.
Retrieved from http://digitalbookshelf.argosy.edu/books/9780470633397/S1.1/8
Executive Excellence
Denver Business Journal published on Aug 28th 2005
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