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Topics: Pathology, Medicine, Leadership Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: October 23, 2014

“Discuss what leadership theory/model you would use as a health care leader and the theory/model you believe is least effective. Explain why the models you’ve selected would or would not work in a healthcare field.” Among a dozens of leadership theory/models listed in the book of “leadership for health professionals”, I would like to say that Bennis’s competency-based model of leadership is most effective one in the health care field, while House’s charismatic leadership model” is least one. Bennis competency-based model has been widely embraced by professional organizations. This model suggests that the skills and tools necessary to lead organizations must be learned-whether through incremental on-the-job training, formal education, or years of professional development. It implies that leaders are made and not simply born. To become chair of any departments of medical division, one cannot effectively hold such a position without years of medical education and a successful practice of medicine because the correct diagnosis and proper treatment for patients are the fundamental goal of all hospitals. The competent leader is a key point to reach this goal. Let’s take the department of pathology and laboratory medicine as an example. The department of pathology has several division including clinical pathology, surgical pathology and blood banking. Each division has several subdivisions. For example, surgical pathology includes microscopy diagnosis made by pathologist, grossing surgical specimen performed by pathologist’s assistants, and tissue slides prepared by histotechnologists. The head of department of pathology is always held by pathologists rather than pathologist assistants or histotechnologists. Why? The answer is it is pathologists who have finished 4 years medical school education, 5-years resident and fellowship training and many years of practices. During the study in medical school and training in hospitals, Patholgosits go through all divisions and...
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