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Topics: Leadership, Early childhood education, Management Pages: 6 (2195 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Interviewee: Ms.
Interviewer: Ms.
Date/ Time: September 22, 2014 2:00pm

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. owner, founder, and head of schools for owns four five star Montessori Schools in Durham County. She is a pioneer in the early childhood arena and has been in this field for thirty years. Because has been able to manage four five star facilities, I wanted to hear in her own words what she felt her leadership contributed to the program’s success.

facility spreads across acres of prime real estate in the Durham County. Three buildings are located on one campus and an additional building in another prime Durham County location. The curb appeal of the buildings is very aesthetically pleasing. Trees greenery and natural areas make the properties very warm and inviting.

On a tour of the facility before my interview, the halls of were filled with encouraging voices of teachers and the songs or squeals of active children. Each classroom appeared to be engaged in learning activities.

is the wife of a banker for 35 years. She has four children and 5 grandchildren. All of her children have obtained their BS degree in non-related fields; yet have chosen to be a part of her staff.

Below are the questions and answers obtained in the Leadership Interview.

Please identify your position and how that fits in your organization.

“My responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of my facilities, and comply with the local and state regulations. I am a liaison for parents, and childcare resource agencies”. According to Ms she has to monitor personnel and operational policies; fees and wages. She also has to ensure that the children in her care have a safe and nurturing environment.

How would you describe your job to someone not in your field (i.e., outside early childhood education).

Ms stated, “As a childcare director I am a leader responsible for everything that goes on at my childcare facilities.” “I am also responsible for advocacy and community awareness as it relates to early childhood education.”

What specific tasks must you accomplish on a day-to day or week –to-week basis?

Ms. stated that her specific tasks accomplished on a daily or weekly basis are to ensure that all health and safety guidelines are followed. Also, policies are followed, required documents are completed and deadlines are met. She is also responsible for timely processing of payroll and accounts payables and receivables. These are specific tasks that must be consistently performed on a regular basis.

What are the skills that are most important to your success?

According to Ms , the skills that are most important to her success are family involvement and community awareness so that all children will have the opportunity to succeed. Ms. is the Education Chair for The . She also serves on several other boards and committees that promote childcare advocacy.

What barriers/ challenges exist that can or do affect your success?

The barriers and challenges that often affect her success is the limited funding provided by governmental agencies. There is not enough funding for all children to benefit from attending a high quality pre-school. There are not enough parents, providers, or community leaders to advocate for change as it relates to the rights of all pre – school children to receive high quality education.

What do you find most rewarding about your job? What do you find most frustrating?

It is very rewarding for Ms. to offer a child the opportunity to attend a five star pre-school program that may not have had the opportunity otherwise. Her greatest frustration is when parents don’t embrace the pre-school experience. Thus, they are not involved or interested in parent involvement or the importance of pre-school.

Please describe your leadership or other experiences that helped prepare you for this role.

Ms. has a BS degree from UNC Greensboro and...
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