Leadership in the Public Sector

Topics: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Private sector, Public sector Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Leadership in the Public Sector
Misha R Glassel
BPA 406
Joseph Catrucco
University of Phoenix
August 17, 2009

Public leadership is difficult to define in general terms as there are so many characteristics that are needed in order to be successful. The general public relies on leaders to administer programs that are beneficial to the public that anyone can apply for or use and usually are non-profit such as Medicaid/Medicare. Private sector organizations also have leaders to administer products or services that are for profit such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. Both public and private sector organizations have leaders to set policies and administer programs; however both types of leaders operate differently and under different pretenses. In defining public leadership, private leadership must be examined in order to fully grasp the broad spectrum of characteristics needed to be an efficient and effective public leader.

Leadership in the Public Sector
Public sector organizations are varied in type of service provided and vary in monetary value. In the public sector, programs such as Medicaid, Child Support Enforcement and Drivers Services are offered. These programs are administered by the government and public funds such as tax dollars are used to fund the resources of the program. Because most public services are offered at no charge and are non-profit, they must have policies and eligibility factors placed to determine what qualifies a person or family for a program. Public leaders such as governors and legislators are responsible for setting these policies and procedures. Private sector organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance offer their services for a fee. Consumers have eligibility requirements and the types of services they receive are based on how much the consumer wants to pay for each individual service. For example, a private policy could include medical only and if the consumer wanted...
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