leadership in Roman society

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HIST 101: Western Civilization I
September 29, 2014
Many moments can come to mind when we think of ancient Rome. Movies to textbooks tell us how this ancient civilization might have or did in fact live. The one question that still remains is this, what where the characteristics of leadership that were most valued in this Roman society? From looking at two important me, Cato the Elder and Augustus we can see three important factors. Leaders needed to be a strong man, someone who could improve the city, and was not afraid. These qualities worked for both Cato and Augutus very well to win the people and senate over because of what they did in memory of them. Cato the elder started off his life relatively humble compared to others. He started young working with his hands and serving his time in a war. Going from village to village Cato had this expression about him that made others want his counsel. Cato would never deny anyone counsel and was also lawyer if need be. Being the good man that he was, Cato never accepted money for his counsel or put a high price on winning any type of fight. At the young age of seventeen he went out on his first battle and would fight with no fear. “In engagements he would strike boldly, without flinching, stand firm to his ground, fix a bold countenance upon his enemies, and with a harsh threatening voice accost them…” (Kishlansky, 94) This kind of fighting just proves that even at such a young age he was a strong man. Now there is no question as to Augustus being a strong man or not because he was one indeed. To gain the title of consulship when he was twenty he sent deputies and threatened the city. Not long after that he worked his way up to the highest office in the state. Once reaching the top Augustus became strong in a different meaning. Now that he had power he held strong on to his beliefs for the city and its people. An example of this was when he thought that restoring the republic would be in the best interest for...
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