Leadership in Nursing

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THE IMPACT THAT NURSING LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT HAVE ON QUALITY PATIENT CARE The field of Health Care is a very broad field with different areas of specialization. Quality leadership and management are vital in health care. In modern medicine, the majority of nursing tasks are performed by a team rather than individuals. The way a nurse manager leads her staff, not only affects her employees’ morale and productivity, it also affects the quality of patient care and it is for this reason, that good leadership is expected from individuals at every level of the health care system. In this essay the leadership and management in nursing will be will be defined and five important qualities of an effective leader will be discussed together with the examples observed in practical health care settings. What is leaderships? Leadership is a process of having a level of influence on others to accomplish the goals. The leader establishes the vision and provides information, knowledge, guideless and ways to realise that vision. (Ref) A good leader does more than just delegate, dictate and direct. A good leader will help others achieve their highest potential. A nurse should be empowered to be a professional, competent leader in health care. Nursing leadership and management are crucial in the health care system. leadership is a process, involves influence, usually occurs in a group setting, involves the attainment of a goal, and exists at all levels (Faugier and Woolnough, 2002). In addition, there are several recognized leadership styles. For instance, autocratic leaders set an end goal without allowing others to participate in the decision-making process

Find out more from UK Essays here: http://www.ukessays.com/essays/nursing/leadership-in-nursing.php#ixzz3XX8bLlOD Leadership is defined as a combination of skills, internal motivation or personality traits and characteristics in any particular situation in which a person is able to influence the values, attitudes, beliefs or behaviour of a team (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, 2006).

Find out more from UK Essays here: http://www.ukessays.com/essays/nursing/discuss-seven-key-characteristics-of-leader-nursing-essay.php#ixzz3XYOebfHr QUALITIES OF NURSING LEADERSHIP
Since nurses lead patients out of illness into wellness, they lead families out of confusion into understanding; they also learn how to communicate with patients and families and how to follow orders and instructions from physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals. Leadership and leadership skills are vital in nursing. The following qualities of nursing leadership below are some of the qualities one needs to identify oneself with as a good leader in nursing. Listen first, and respond directly and truthfully. If you cannot answer a question, say so. If you promise to do something, do it. Good communication will develop leadership and trust.

1. One needs to identify oneself as a leader
2. Demonstrate confidence
3. Be courageous
4. Communicate clearly and consistently and also be a good listener. 5. Pay attention to professional growth and stay current in the profession. 6. Manage your time well
7. Lead by example
8. Find a mentor of your own.
It is sad to note that there has been a fall in the number of nursing leaders in the health sector. The numbers have been dropping steadily over the years. The two main reasons why the numbers have dropped are; firstly, small numbers are entering the profession and secondly, we are not developing leadership characteristics as we develop clinical nursing practice. B.M. Perra(2000) notes two main reasons influencing the nursing shortage. 1. The baby boomer retirement and 2. Fewer candidates entering the nursing field. On the other hand, Horton – Deutsch and Mohr (2001) wrote an opinion article based on BSN student clinical observations and evaluations. They found an “Absence of nursing leadership” (P.121) which directly...

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