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Leadership Experience

By umeagan Nov 22, 2009 452 Words
Taking the Myers-Biggs test has forced me to admit what I as an individual am not capable of performing. I have learned that I value my strengths and take advantage of my abilities, but ignore my weaknesses. To grow as a person and get what I want out of life I must not only capitalize on my strengths, but also face my weaknesses head on. This will not only better me as a person, but it will also force me to be honest with myself. One of my personal strength’s is that I am able to cut straight to the chase in any situation and not be sidetracked by non-essential issues; Moreover, I have a propensity for leadership, which follows naturally, from my ability to control and manage real world situations. In addition, I am aware of the differences between my needs and the needs of others. A strength that I possess on the Myers-Briggs assessment is that I am an innovative thinker and excellent problem solver. I find this to be true because whether it is conflict at home, school, work, within myself, or with another individual, I have always been able to smooth out the differences. On the other hand, a negative trait would be that I tend to be a perfectionist. When I do things, I do them in such a methodical way, that I am not satisfied until they are just right in my eyes. When working on group projects, I sometimes get frustrated when others do not put forth the same level of effort I do. Often I find myself losing patience with those who do not share the same idea or level of dedication. PRIMARY LEARNING I NEED TO UNDERTAKE

I feel I need to be accountable for myself, as I blame the problems in my life on other people. No one has more control over my life then I do, I just need to look inward for solutions. In addition, I need to work on communication and learn positive ways to communicate. Positive relationships can mean the difference between, success and failure in business, family, and personal life; Furthermore, communication is the key to these relationships. I find myself not expressing how I feel and I tend not to give my ideas or suggestions. I also noticed that my tone of voice can often be misleading and often my message is perceived as negative. I now know that I need to concentrate more on my tone of voice, and choose words that others can identify as ideas or alternatives. By doing this I in turn will have satisfying, and successful my relationships.

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