Leadership Experience

Topics: Management, Leadership, Strategic management Pages: 5 (2066 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Iana Lukina
What did I learn from my leadership class?

There are lots examples of organizations in which everything seems to be done right, but something is still missing. They have no soul. There is nothing that can breathe life into the administrative system. They exist without faith, love, and hope. They are doomed to such a gray existence, unless there is a person or a team of associates who discover the essence and meaning in this frozen system. Such a person is called a leader and a role in which he operates - leadership. How do people become leaders? With experience, with age or from birth? In order to rise to the top, you need to have everything to climb. A person, who has the courage to go forward or up, needs two things. He needs a backpack (worldview, knowledge), which has all the necessary items for the road: clothing, maps, gear. One can change their world through conscious control, in order to create the desired set of habits. And he needs a character (set of habits) that can be graphically represented as an ice ax that can cut down the steps and stay in a tight spot. When you make your character resilient, you automatically create a tool that will not let you down in a difficult time and will not interfere in the easy time. Everything learned in the class, helped me to work out my own business plan for the development of leadership within myself. We identifiy the following steps that create a true leader within the person: * Development of personal values;

* Organization and motivation of yourself;
* Ability to make good choices, set on good examples.
The first thing is about the relationship between personal and business values. I had been looking for information about the values on the Internet, asking questions to psychologists, the value seemed for me to be unexplored and crude, but now I received the first impression of the values. I learned that the value – is the form of expressing yourself and relationships with others that brings the highest satisfaction. Values work as a life compass. Physicists have shown that the values ​​have a wave nature. When a person truly speaks about something important at the level of the body and verbal language, changes happen. This is who we are right now. And not who we want to be. Not who we should be. Value is not a desire, fantasy or belief. Business is a community rather than a jungle. It has its own values, principals and laws. Humanity from antiquity to the present day is dreaming of making a just business peace on the earth. A man-made concept of justice is invented as an ideal measure of the relationship between people. Animals do not have the need for justice, they are guided by instincts and everything that happens to them, perceives naturally. Man is very serious and often sensitive about unfair treatment, even though he often does not see his own unfair treatment of others. Therefore, they say, "Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you." This idea of reciprocity and fair exchange relationships (actions, deeds, things) built by people is an important principle of behavior in business. The first lessons in leadership I received from parents. Somehow, being in China, my farther went to a hairdresser. The woman, who cut his hear, complained for the difficulties of her business, that she couldn’t pay the rent. Then came a new customer. It turned out that his 40-year-old wife had recently died. The barbershop owner cut his hair and refused to charge, saying that he is going through really hard time right now. But a few minutes ago, she was talking about her financial difficulties. My father gave her a good tip, explaining that this was an excellent lesson for leadership. " My parents explained me how important it is to treat people with respect, no matter who they are. My parents have helped me to understand that the example of leadership can be applied by any man, and even in the most ordinary situations. For becoming a good...
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