Leadership Case Study

Topics: Leadership, Psychology, Motivation Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Leadership Styles Case Study|
Jessica M. Ashcraft
HSM 230 Week 3 Checkpoint|

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1. What type of leadership is practiced at NCF, transactional or transformational? How do you know? I think the NCF uses the transactional approach in this scenario.  The reason I believe that it takes the transactional approach is that this organization is much more formal and impersonal than the transformational style organization. According to Manning, S. (2003) the functions of leadership within this paradigm take place through discrete acts and behaviors. 2. What type of leadership is practiced at SSS, transactional or transformational? How do you know? I think the SSS uses the transformational approach in this scenario. The reason I think this is the SSS seems to have a “people first” standpoint. According to Manning, S. (2003) Transformational leadership focuses on engaging people through relationship; leaders and constituents, through the pursuit of goals, raise each other to higher levels of motivation and morality. Personally, I think the best way to connect with people is to socialize with them so they see that caseworkers are human too. I think this method helps to build not only a rapport with clients but trust as well. 3. Which style of leadership would you recommend for a human service organization? Explain your answer. I think the style of leadership I would recommend is the transformational approach for use in human service organizations. I think when people are on the same page and no one is acting better or superior than the clients they tend to open up and show trust in the worker. I think that when a personal rapport is made with a client they will want to be better people and want to be like the worker in regards to being successful and supporting themselves. This builds moral in the office when the clients have come full circle. We as workers are supposed to give a hand up not a hand out. When the client is given a...
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