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1) Describe and compare the managerial behavior of Ben and Phil.

Managerial behavior of Ben and Phil
|Ben (Relations Oriented Behavior) |Phil (Task Oriented Behavior) | |Ben Samuel was a plant manager for Consolidated Products for 10 |Phil Jones had a growing reputation as a manager who could get | |years and he was well liked by the employees. |things done and he quickly began making changes. | |Ben built fitness centre for the employees, liked to join the social|He cut the costs by trimming the number of activities such as the | |activities sponsored by the plant, company picnics and holidays |fitness centre at the plant, company picnics and parties and human | |parties (support). |relations training programs for supervisors (planning) | |Ben knew most of the workers by name and he spent part of each day | | |walking around the plant to visit with them and ask about their | | |families or hobbies (recognition). | | |Ben believed that it was important to treat employees so they would |Phil believed that training supervisors to be supportive was a waste| |have sense of loyalty to the company (support). |of time (clarify) | |Ben tried to avoid any layoffs when production demand was slack, |Phil reduced the frequency of equipment maintenance, which required | |figuring that the company could not afford to lose skilled workers |machines to be idled when they could be productive. When business | |who are so difficult to replace (support) |was slow for one of the product lines, Phil laid off workers rather | | |than finding something else for them to do (monitor) | |Ben believed if you treat people right, they will do a good job for |Phil believed that workers don’t respect a supervisor who is weak | |you without close supervision or prodding. By believing that, he did|and passive. So he instructed the supervisors to established | |not set objectives and standards for the plant and he never asked |high-performance standards for their departments and insists that | |the supervisors to develop plans for improving productivity and |people achieve them. A computer monitoring system was introduced so | |product quality (recognition) |that the output of each worker could be checked closely (monitor) | |Under Ben, the plant had lowest turnover among the company’s five |By the end of Phil’s first year as a plant manager, production costs| |plants but the second worst record for costs and production levels. |were reduced by 20 % and production output was up by 10 %. However, | | |there of his seven supervisors left to take other jobs and turnovers| | |was also high among the machine operators due to workers who were | | |fired. |

To what extent does each manager display specific relations behaviors (supporting, developing, recognizing) and specific task behaviors (clarifying, planning, monitoring)? a. Relations Behaviour (Supporting, Developing, Recognizing) ✓ Ben Samuels is a relations-oriented leader who is very supportive and...
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