Leadership Behavior and Differences
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Today’s organizations increasingly rely on the use of teams which are particularly salient when the team is in a state of transition between leaders. Transitions affect heavily the organization and the work teams in particular. In understanding team performance and the importance of meeting goals, one must observe the leaders –new leaders in particular to see how they establish themselves which has an adverse effect on the organization. The goal of this study was to examine the factors that affect(s) incoming leader’s ability to influence members of the team’s perception and behavior. When new leaders come aboard an organization with new ideas and display different levels of status relative to the existing team members- tendency to sway in that direction of leadership behavior is certain.
The author’s research, allude to several other research that has resembled the effects of particular leadership behaviors. Despite the frequency though and the impact of leadership transition within the organizations, very little focus has been given to new leaders undergoing the process of taking charge of a new team. This study will examine the effect of incoming leaders and their ability to influence the members of the team’s perceptions and behaviors. A qualitative review has been looked at by a number of researchers interested in the effects of leadership behaviors and leadership traits. The leader’s status and impact on the team member’s response to certain types of leadership style that results from a style that indicate incoming leader can have whether negative consequences or a positive one. Based on this study the research will indicated that new leaders who the organization places in charge of an existing team, will showcase different reactions stemming solely from the team member’s perceptions of what the leader does. Although the evidence given in this research is abundant, the relationship between the leader’s attributions and the leader’s

References: Sauer, S. J. (2011). Taking the reins: The effects of new leader status and leadership style on team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3), 574-587. Doc:10.1037/a0022741.

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