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Running Head: Negative Leadership behavior

Negative leadership Behavior
January 5, 2014
ORG300 -14: Applying Leadership Principles
Schneider, Laurel

Negative Leadership Behavior
There are many types of negative leadership behaviors within the workplace. For example, a boss can have bad communication skills, be an authoritarian, lousy listener, use foul language, a Mr. Know it all, etc. I’ve had the pleasure of working with great leaders that I’ve learned a lot from but also worked with leaders that possessed many of the negative traits as well. It’s critical to an organizations success that leaders be properly trained to ensure that the organization as a whole doesn’t get a bad reputation. Many leaders today think that their negative leadership behaviors don’t effect the companies, but they are dead wrong. Poor leadership behavior can have a ripple effect on the company’s bottom line because employees become unproductive and detail to quality is ignored. Negative leadership behavior can lead to employees quitting and affect the organizations ability to retain good workers. A good leader must possess good listening and communication skills in order to motivate workers. Employees don’t just come motivated already, they have to be nurtured and trained by great leaders. “Being a leader is about doing the right thing and leading by example. You simply cannot have one standard for yourself and one for everyone else” (11 Profiles in Bad Leadership Behavior 2013). I encountered a bad leadership behavior by my manager at my previous employer. My manager was being too nice or almost flirty at times with me. This was a negative leadership behavior because it affected my relationship with many of my co-workers. He did not show the same kindness or behavior around many of my co-workers and they thought that I was getting special treatment over them. I would see him ignoring other workers and compliment another one...

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