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Topics: Leadership, Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 3 (1684 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Business and Management 16 October 2014 My Own Leader Style Introduction Throughout work experience managers develop their personal leadership style. It is a fundamental factor that determines organization and execution of work, employees results and satisfaction. Leadership refers to a process of interaction within an organization, which motivates employees to achieve organizational goals (Al-Ababneh Lockwood, 2). In simple words, leadership means the interaction pattern between leader and subordinates. Leaders are distinct from other employees in the company. They are able to influence other people. There are several factors that determine the type of leadership style. They include leaders characteristics, subordinates characteristics and the organization environment (Al-Ababneh Lockwood, 2). The first factor incorporates leaders personal background, such as knowledge, experience, values, commitments and others. Employees also influence the leadership style since they have different expectations and experience. Based on them leader identifies his approach. Organization, including its climate, values, traditions and composition also influence ones leadership style. Part I I have judged myself on the scale from 1 (very little) to 7 (very much) for six leadership styles. My judgments are based on my experience leading teams. I have received the following results. I got one of the highest scores on charismatic style (6). I prefer to work at high standards, value a lot innovation since I believe that it gives a significant advantage. I always set a key objective and split it on little goals. I draw a roadmap on the ways to achieve these goals. I always motivate people by inspiring them. The same score I got on the team-oriented style (6). I rely on teams in executing job. In my opinion, teams incorporate significant expertise. I encourage teams to brainstorm and offer solutions for existing problems. I aim to create common goals and supervise whether people are...
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