Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment

In this paper I will thoroughly analyze the leadership styles of CEO Annette Collier, Broker of Records for Able Real Estate Inc. I will also describe the positive impact I had as Office Manager for the company. I will analyze the organizational structure and culture of the company for Able Real Estate. I will also explain Annette Collier’s methods for team development and how it enhanced my relationship skills at the workplace. I will discuss the ethical conduct and effective communications Annette Collier demonstrated as CEO. I will describe how Annette motivated, empowered, and trained me to move up from Office Manager to Leasing Assistant. I will determine the three best organizational practices leaders can use to motivate employees and potential benefits. I will research to determine some of the challenges leaders encounter when managing diversity and how diversity helps business organizations better compete in global markets. Finally, I will develop an effective business strategy to address the challenges and issues I have identified.

Leadership Assessment
Able Real Estate Incorporated

Analyze the leadership style(s) of a senior executive (CEO, CFO, COO, Director, etc.) in your current or previous organization who made a positive or negative impact on you.
Leadership is the process of influencing others to achieve group or organization goals (Management.p.293, 2013). Annette Collier is the CEO of Able Real Estate and the company just recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. Annette is a Broker of Records who is licensed in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware to sell and rent houses. Able Real Estate also does property management for owners who do not want to manage their properties. In the real estate business I experienced the importance of trust with everyone who you do business with. Trust is the main factor Annette expressed to me as Office Manager for Able Real Estate. I worked for Able Real Estate from 2009 to 2012 and I had to deal with property owners, tenants, contractors, co-workers, and various office duties. As a leader Annette taught me how to effectively handle run the office in her absence. Annette and I had to learn to trust one another in order for the office to run smoothly. The leadership styles of Annette taught me how to deal with the owners who had problems with their tenants and contractors who that were hired to do repairs. In the beginning of the month there is a substantial amount of cash that comes in the office from tenants paying their rent, and every transaction had to be properly recorded. During the first two months of my employment Annette would sit beside me and make sure I entered the amounts correctly. She also taught me how to hire the right contractor according to the repairs that needed to be done. Annette’s leadership styles taught me how to prepare a rental lease, invoices, and how to successfully collect rent from tenants who were behind in their rent. In my opinion I believe that everything I learned as Office Manager for Able Real Estate has had a positive impact on my administrative skills, and I will always remember what I have learned for future reference. Analyze the organizational structure and culture of the company for which you work (or would like to work) to determine its approach to team development, and whether that approach helped to enhance your relationship skills in the workplace. Able Real Estate started out as a small business and then grew. So it was not uncommon to start with one organizational structure and then transition to another structure. For example, the business started out by only serving the local city where the business operated eventually the company was able to serve customers throughout the Tri State area, and better fit the needs of the business. Many small business owners start off by structuring...

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