Leadership and Teambuilding

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Nature vs. Nurture

One of the concepts taught at the beginning of the LTB course was that of Nature vs. Nurture. This refers to whether someone is born a leader or whether someone can be trained as a leader. In my opinion, while a person can be trained as a leader, there will always be those who have the natural qualities and predisposition of a leader and the latter person will make a better leader than the first. This is justified by two experiences.

First, in my LTB team, we practice rotational leadership – where the role of team leader is not designated to a single person but rotated amongst its members. Although each member has the chance to be the leader, there are some who in my opinion are better at managing the team than others.

The second experience is from my national service where I was an instructor. As a platoon sergeant, I had the task of interviewing and selecting potential instructors from the batch of trainees. Potential instructors were nominated either from their performance in the training or from having demonstrated leadership qualities. In my experience, those who demonstrated leadership qualities performed better as instructors than those who did not, even after all of them were trained on being leaders.

Team Dynamics of my LTB group

In the second week of the course, I learnt about team dynamics and the stages of team development – namely Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. In my opinion, I believe that my team is currently at the Norming stage. The characteristics of the Norming stage are that team members develop work habits that are conducive to effective teamwork and build up trust in one another. Also, as the team’s involvement with the project increases, their motivation also grows. This is an accurate depiction of my team.

Initially, when we started on this project in the first week, the team was at the forming stage where members get to know each other. In the second to third week, we progressed to...
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