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Women in Business
Transforming Leadership in a Male Dominate Organization
Jennifer Butler
April 2, 2013
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Coll/148: Sample Outline
Hello Class!
Your graded assignment for Week 5 is an outline. A meaningful outline should help you organize all of your ideas related to your project and establish a framework for your project.  A properly constructed outline will help you write a good, sound research project. For this assignment, your outline should be 1-2 pages, in addition to an APA Reference page, in length. Below, you’ll find a basic outline—yours can follow along with this example. Please make sure that you substitute the words and phrasing in this outline with ideas that reflect an overview of your project. As usual, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

Week 5 Leadership Outline: 100 points

I. INtroduction
A. What is your project about
B. Briefly introduce the Leader in your field
C. Establish the purpose
D. Preview the main ideas

II. Your field of study
A. Why you chose this field
B. Expected graduation completion

III. Who is the leader
A. Reasons why you chose the leader in your field
B. How has this leader influenced or put his/her mark within the industry (citations)

IV. Characteristics of an effective leader
A. Define of an effective leader as research indicates (use citations) B. Positive leadership traits in your leader as found in research (use citations)

V. Define Your Leadership Qualities
A. What are your personal strengths as a leader
1. Use previous assessments from the course (use citations)
2. What did you learn about yourself from these assessments? B. How personal strengths can support success
1. Use previous assessments from the course (use citations)

C. What are you personal weaknesses as a leader
1. How you are going to improve on your weaknesses

References: Crago, M. (2002, September). Meeting patient expectations. Quality Progress, 35(9), 41-43.
This source comes from a journal article published in an online database
Institute of Medicine. (1999, November). To err is human: Building a safer health system. Retrieved from http://www.iom.edu/CMS/8-89/5574/4117.aspx
This source does not name an author, so the sponsoring organization leads the reference
Ransom, S.B., Joshi, M.S., & Nash, D.B. (2004). The healthcare quality book: Vision, strategy,
and tools
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