Leadership and Power

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Leadership and Power Questions

University of Phoenix
NUR 486 – Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Care

Kathryn I. Johnson, RN, MSN, CNA-BC

February 26, 2007

Leadership and Power Questions
How does leadership differ from management?
Before anyone can answer the above question, they must define the roles of leadership and management. Both functions carry several different descriptions, diverse amounts of authority, and are interconnected at times. Some theorists have loosely said that "Leaders do the right things. Managers do things right." Other reports ambiguously labeled the two by indicating that "Leaders lead people while managers manage things" (McNamara, 1997). Distinguishing either position is very complex and is limited by an assortment of personal influences from the leader or manager and the organizational structure of the hospital where they may work.

A leader can be oversimplified by recognizing anyone who uses interpersonal skills to inspire others to achieve a desired goal (UOP, 2005). It is the responsibility of the leader to create an environment that promotes interest, enthusiasm, structure, and commitment to complete this common purpose. To be an effective leader, one must know how to control and understand the motives of his or her followers and enable them to envision a universal responsibility. By gaining the trust and respect of the followers, the leader can earn the privilege to persuade and guide them. This empowerment is achieved through personal behaviors between the leader and the followers and the prevailing need to do what is right and just.

Managers are employed by hospitals to coordinate, plan, organize, supervise staff, evaluate, and operate the daily activities of a department. A manager receives his or her power through authority, responsibility, accountability, and protocols. A manager is accountable for keeping the organization functioning and on target for weekly, monthly, and annual reviews. A...
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