Leadership and People

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Personal Leadership Philosophy: Assumptions, Values and Beliefs


Attitude and choice are the essential components to effective leadership. We choose the kind of leader we will be. Effective leaders choose to value people, to build strong people relationships and to challenge people to grow. The strength of these crucial relationships is dependent upon the degree to which the leaders live out their values, how effectively they articulate a clear vision of the future, and how they chose to use feedback from their subordinates.
Leaders must provide a stimulating environment, which encourages risk without the fear of blame, rewards innovative thinking, and empowers people to perform their jobs without micromanagement.
In this paper, I present my personal set of assumptions, values and beliefs, which formed over a 30-year career, define my current role as a leader,
Values, Trust and Vision
Life is about attitude and choices. Our style of leadership is shaped by our life experiences, attitude and value system. Sustainable leaders maintain a realistic view of their circumstances, while choosing to approach situations and others with a positive attitude. Relationships exist because of people. Leaders must value people as much as any organizational objective and acknowledge that the diversity of people can contribute to the pool of knowledge and lend strength and resilience to the organization. A positive attitude is the best springboard by which a leader can launch the basis of building relationships with others.
Values are important as the cornerstone for decision making. Throughout our lives, we are faced with value conflicts, and we must have a means by which to resolve conflicts. It is important that leaders align their values with those of their organizations. People need clear values, and they will look to trusted leaders, whose strong sense of purpose and value can serve as a compass in times of uncertainty. Leaders must be able to articulate a

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