Leadership and Organizational Change Management

Topics: Management, Health care, Total quality management Pages: 6 (1923 words) Published: June 24, 2013
(Action Learning Teams and Total Quality Management)

I strongly believe organizations need strong leadership to grow and function effectively. Organizational leadership focuses on developing leadership skills and expertise that are relevant across the organizations. The leaders should guide and coach the employees under them, provide them with an understanding to achieve organizational goals. True leaders are optimistic, empathetic and should understand the true potential of the employees working for the organization. They know how to control the individual employees or employees working in teams without dominating them. Good Leaders personally take an initiative or at least make sure the managers under them are clearly communicating the organizational mission, vision and policies and procedures to all the employees. These individuals are highly ambitious people with high energy levels and are always open for new innovative ideas and suggestions. Strong leadership builds employees morale, ensure efficient business operations. Under their expertise the employees grow professionally and contribute positively towards organizations expectations. In my term paper below I will focus on two aspects- first is Leadership and Change Management, in which I will share my thoughts about one of my topic of interest – “Action Learning Teams” (ALT’s) and second is a “Change Management” initiative where I will discuss “Total Quality Management” (TQM) and the challenges faced by the leaders in Managing Organizational Change in a healthcare organization. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some of the facts in healthcare industry as I am currently working in a healthcare company and also coming from healthcare background. The book by Bruce La Rue, Paul Childs, and Kerry Larson is an easy to read, less than 200 page book that expertly intertwines Action Learning Teams (ALT’s) into knowledge management, creating knowledge based action learning teams. This is truly a hands-on guidebook with real world examples that clearly describe the stages and processes of implementing organizational change using ALT’s. ALT’s can shorten the time needed to effectively implement change initiatives in an organization by helping the practitioner understand both the behavioral and operational aspects of organizational change. ALTs will help ensure that the knowledge of the team is translated into action that makes a real difference for an organization. Leadership plays a very vital role in formation of Action Learning Teams to take organizations to next level of growth. ALT’s is basically a Team Leadership initiative. Leaders identify several knowledge workers in an organization and form a team that will focus on taking the organization to the next level. Today we have been introduced to reengineering, total quality, kaizen, empowerment, transformational leadership, networks, alliances, and many more, all promising to help the organizations cope with the pace of change and complexity found in today’s world. But recently I had a team presentation where we presented a case study about a manufacturing unit “Littleton Manufacturing”, where we noticed that despite all these advances in new thinking and techniques, most organizations today do not look or operate much differently than those fifty years ago. The reasons mentioned in the book for this is most of these efforts are lacking necessary people who are affected and cares about these changes are not included in the assessment, design and deployment of these changes. They say we need to engage key stakeholders beyond inviting them to a company meeting to hear what a small executive team came up with about how they are going to do their work differently in the future. ALT’s is one of the best alternatives for the success of an organization. ALT’s are a unique form of team charged with developing specialized capabilities that do not currently exist...

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