Leadership and Organizational Behavior Allstate Insurance Company

Topics: Motivation, Goal, Allstate Pages: 5 (682 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Leadership and Organizational Behavior|
Allstate Insurance Company|
Business 520 Dr. Edward M. Slover|

In this paper I will discuss Allstate company goal setting, diversity index, my recommendation

of high performance rewards systems and if I would be motivated by Allstate Diversity Index

and QLMS.

1. Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate goal setting process to determine

whether or not Allstate has an effective goal setting program.

In evaluating Allstate company goal setting process Allstate has clearly defined its

objectives by taking four specific steps on how to accomplish the task. The first aspect of

the goal setting model is the challenge at hand. Allstate has set the goal difficulty at a

level where its challenging but not impossible to achieve (Hellriegel, & Slocum page165)

The goal is clear and concise so the employees know what to do and how to

carry it out without question. The second aspect of the goal setting model is the

moderators which consist of the ability, goal commitment, feedback and task complexity.

The managers of Allstate have taken their goals and made them a daily part of the

Allstate life which gives them the ability to achieve the goals without major stress.

(Hellriegel, & Slocum page 184) Allstate goal commitment is apparent because its taken

the necessary steps to bring diversify in every area of the company to have a minor

representation. Allstate feedback to its employees is superb in that all the employees

receive an assessment of their current job skills and a road map for development of skills

necessary for advancement. Allstate task complexity is accomplish by the continuing

training and development courses offered by the company.

2. Discuss the competitive advantage. Allstate has from the development of the Diversity


Allstate has a very good competitive advantage from the their Diversity Index because

the company has the ability to choose the best of the best from a variety of sources. The

diversity index helps Allstate to get the best women for specific jobs as well as minorities

who have proven to be very competent and successful at their given jobs. The diversity

index also helps the company to grow in new innovative ways because each person of a

different background or gender brings a different point of view to the table which can

answer questions and solve problems.

3. Recommend the types of high performance reward system Allstate should use to motivate

its employees to reach its diversity goals.

To motivate Allstate employees to reach diversity goals I would put in place a program

call refer a friend of a different ethnicity. The reward would be a weekend getaway to the

Fuji islands. Every employees who successfully refers a person of a different ethnicity to

Allstate and that person stays for six months would be eligible for the reward. A second

program I would put in place for those who do not have friends from different ethic

backgrounds would be an additional cash bonus for any employee who attends

educational workshops on diversity in the work place and working with people of

different races, culture or gender.

4. If you were an Allstate employee discuss whether or not you would be motivated by the

Diversity Index and QLMS.

If I was a Allstate employee I feel the Diversity and QLMS would be very beneficial. The

reason for this is I am a firm believer in a system that believes in the quality of service no

matter of your ethic background, gender and age. The system keeps the managers

accountable in their behavior and how they treat each person as an individual and not be

influence by stereotypes. The employees are also keep in check so inappropriate behavior

is not taken lightly and people are aware that insensitivity to a...
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