Leadership And Management: The Difference Between Leadership And Management

When we talk about leadership and management, it seems that there is no difference between leaders and managers. But there is a difference and using these words interchangeably confuses. Usually, the role of managers is like administrators assigned with the function of planning, organizing, budgeting, and so on. Whereas, leader is a person who leads in an organization, inspires, and acts as visionary, motivator and the follower see him or her as dependable icon. Consider a person who has the combined quality of leading and managing, then definitely the organization for which this person works will get the success. This kind of people is most sought after in the IT world.
With the rapid advancement of IT, there is a sea change in the economic
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So, what exactly makes the difference for a domestic company to remain as it is and another multinational? No doubt, management is a planned process for the day-to-day activity relation to production. This thing is applied both in the case of successful and unsuccessful companies. But the real difference is the leader who sees the organization from future perspective not for immediate result of getting the benefits. Look at the IT majors like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc; how these companies have been successful for their presence in so many countries. What is the attribution and practice of leadership and management skills, which helped to reach the top levels of IT …show more content…
Sometimes, the business was average and at times below average, means it was swinging either way without enough contribution in terms of profit. Actually, this company was lacking the true management practice and the person leading also lacked the visionary perspective. Somebody advised the concerned personnel of this company to have leadership and management skill training to bring the positive changes. After having enough research to get the right trainer, they zeroed on me. I assessed their vision and mission statements and how far they are implementing the management policies. On that basis, I prepared a customized training modules fitting rightly to the organization’s objective and accordingly imparted training. Though they were trained but were little apprehensive of the outcome. But when my theory of leadership of management training got started implementation, the yielded result was awesome. It took a little bit time but really took off to a flying start. Today, this organization is operating with three hundred employees with huge

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