Leadership and Management Styles

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With the majority of nursews ages 46 or older fastly aporaching retirement and the increasing population of those aged 65 or older the demand for nurses is higher then ever. Increase in population and increase in retioring nurses makes the nurses shortage a real issue that is not resolving any time fast. Todays health care needs to be smart about how they recruit, retaina and promote growth within an organization to help fill the gap that nursing is leaving behind. This requires leaders in healthcare to be iniovative and unique in creating a vision to help promote nursing as an attractive relaibel profession.

About 46% of nurses are aged 46 years or older, meaning that in just a short ten years many are planning on reitrmng formt he workforce leaving a huge gap in the healthcare field. While nursing school enrollment is on the rise and many may believe that the nursing shortage is coming to end, it infact just beginging. Administrations are relying on management teams to effectively execute, mange and organizes stragetis set forth by comapnys to promote team cohesion and job retainment. Manager position and power and influence have a direct link to those intedned tos taty with a nursing unit. Not only is their added pressure on management teams but healthcare is mre then ever heavily rely on informal leaders in in helath care. Now mreo then ever nursing needs eneegetic, decticated leaders to meet the challenge of the need of healthcare and the nursing shortage.

Leadership is a process through which an indidvdual intentionally infeleunce those around them to accomplish a goal.() Outside the typical boundaries of traditional authority is a phenomenon of informal leaders that make things happen. Approximately 80-90% of healthcare workers are non managemtn/leadership roels, nad is the largest group who has the power and influence to affect wuality of care.() Anticapating the growing nursing shoartge brought on by retitremnt adnt he growing healthcare...
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