Leadership and Management

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Leadership and Management
Cheri Clark
April, 19 2015

This paper will discuss how a Pastor can lead the church and keep the members going in the correct way. Some Pastors do not know the members personally I think if the Pastors take time to get to know the members they will not have a problem with following the pastor.

Transformational leadership theory has portrayed there is interest of a lot of research in the field of organizational leadership over the last three decades. The main argument of the transformational leadership theory is the leader’s capability to inspire the followers to achieve more than what the follower designed to complete. Transformational leadership when having a relationship with the leader and the follower are inspiring each other to higher levels that can result in the value system between the follower and the leader. Leadership is connected organizational and staff performance. Personal and organizational behavior is related to leadership requirements that are looking at the leadership styles that have a positive or negative impact on these two variables (Givens). The literature review shows how the transformational leadership theory and its relationship to or persuade the organizational outcomes and the personal outcomes of the followers. Transformational leaders work on bringing the individual and economic transformation. In the organization it can create a vision, mission’s culture, and goals that supply the individuals and the organization to practice the values and serve a purpose. Transformational leadership has been connected to many outcomes like employee commitment to the organization (Givens)

Organizational culture inspires all aspects of the organization and influences numerous organizational outcomes like performance, productivity, commitment and ethical behavior. The leader’s beliefs, values and theories can shape the culture of the organization, and are taught to other members of the organization. Leaders have many techniques like mentoring, role modeling and teaching. In the transformational culture there is a sense of family commitments are long-term. Leaders and followers can share the same interest and a sense of shared destinies and interdependence (Givens). Transformational leaders highlight new potential and require vision of the future. There is a powerful sense of purpose that guides their vision. Transformational leaders are needed in all organizations; the main goal of these leaders is to change the present structure of the organization and encourage organizational employees to believe in a new idea that has new prospects for the individual and the organization as an entirety (Givens). Leaders have to be ready to succeed in a vigorous, complicated and aggressive world, making the most of every resource. Research has showed that transformational leadership has a positive effect on the organizational learning. The transformational style has five main factors that leave the followers to be more productive and to find answers to hard problems with the leader acting as a physical inspiration. Transformation leadership is very optimistic related to organizational learning than transactional leadership (Bhat, Rangnekar, & Barua, 2013). In research transformational leadership and organizational learning is negative. This can be supported by the intention that the prediction can characterize the transformational leaders with improvement. Transactional leadership can be more beneficial than transactional leadership that can hinder creative thinking. The research found that relationship between transformational leadership and modernism can be encouraging but manipulated by a complicated set of moderators and mediators. The outcome shows that out of five factors of transformational leadership the perfect pressure of behavioral and logical motivation shows helpful relation with organizational learning....
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