Leadership and Management

Topics: Management, Leadership, Project management Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: August 17, 2005
Leadership and Management
In today's work field successful leaders and managers are a hot commodity. Mangers and leaders that are able to bring success to their organization are often given an enormous amount of respect from their workers and their peers. In this Paper I will discuss the principles of management and leaders and how they compare and contrast one another in a working environment. Effective leaders are not necessarily born but rather sculptured from the images that are experienced through various leaders that the individual may have worked with. They are sculptured through the trials and tribulations of managing or working with people in a variety of settings. Most good leaders have had bad experiences with individuals with power in their past and are looking to make a change to better improve their organization. Effective leaders are excellent communicators and are able to speak clearly to the individuals within the groups or organizations they lead. Effective leaders are often working with their fellow workers carefully listening and helping their workers in order to have success in their future for their business. Leaders offer their workers the opportunities to override their mistakes by triumphantly overcoming them. Leaders have solid vision and unshakeable persistence in achieving a goal. Leaders have to juggle their busy schedules by not only doing their work but ensuring that their workers are successfully completing their tasks as well. A leader empowers their workers to seek change and develop many alterative routes to decisions. A strong leader is brave and is able to make decisions without hesitation and maintains integrity at all times. A strong leader overall has these important characteristics which Marines like to call JJ DID TIE BUCKLE, Judgment, Justice, De

Project managers are leaders of small and large groups destined to complete a strategic project plan. Leadership characteristics described above can...

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