leadership and management

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In this assignment I am going to define leadership and management, and then I will discuss some of the leadership theories i.e Contingency Theory, Path-goal Theory, Great man theory, Management theories, Transformational theory /leader. After that I did an organisational setting in which I discussing the leadership style of Steve jobs in Apple. Then I am going to discuss my strengths and weaknesses on the basis of my peer feedback. At last I write conclusion and recommendation.  

Leadership have different definitions given by different authors and practitioners, but generally it is relationship in which the behaviour or actions of people are influenced by one person. ‘’Leadership is the process of influencing a group within an organisation towards achieving an aim or goal’’ (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 20011:471). According to Yukl leadership is:-

‘’The process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it And the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish sharedobjectives.’’ (Yukl, 2010:26)  Individuals and organisations performance is influenced by the leadership because it is a two-way process. To enable their followers to function effectively leader motivate their followers and design organisational contexts. If the group is influenced or motivated by the leader and give their full effort to reach the desired goal then the performance of the company automatically improved.  

As Mullins said Management is ‘’Getting work done through the efforts of other people.’’ (Mullins, 2010:434) Manager is the person who performs the function of management by using the available resources efficiently and effectively to accomplish desired goals and objectives.

Difference between Leadership and Management

Leadership vs. Management
Managers do things right; leaders do the right things.
Relationship of Managing is an authority; leading relationship is influensive. Stability is created by management; change comes because of leading.  
Contingency Theory of leadership is related to the business environment that determines which leadership style is best for the different situation. According to this theory there is no single style of leadership is appropriate for all situations.  

Path-goal Theory is the third contingency model of leadership focuses on the leader to motivate subordinate. It suggests that the leader should remove hurdles, clarify the paths and increasing the reward for the followers to reach the goals by using any of the four leadership behaviour i.e. Directive leadership, Supportive leadership, Participative leadership and Achievement-oriented leadership.                                                                     (House and Dessler, 2010:387-388) Great man theory   suggests that leadership capability is inherent and the great leaders are born not made. According to this theory you are either a natural born leader or you are not.  

Management theories    are also known as transactional theories. This leadership theory is based on system of reward and punishment. Assumptions of Management theories
If the people get command from one superior or the chain of command is definite, then they perform their best. Management use reward and punishment to motivate workers.
Followers must obey the instructions and commands of the leader.  
Transformational theory /leader   efficiently and effectively motivate its team by using chain of command to get the job done. Transformational leader imagines the big picture of the organisation and come with a new idea that moves an organisation to reach that level.  

Broad framework of leadership style   is the managerial leadership towards subordinate staff and the focus of power within the three headings- Autocratic style- In this style management has the focus of power to take any decision. Democratic style- In this...
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