leadership and management

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1. Introduction
How to be a leader? Leader was born? Or leader was made? Every successful company will have an excellent leader. To be honest, no everyone can be a leader. People should have many skills, good personality and knowledge. To be a leader, they have to know how to lead people and manage people. Leader also is a manager, a great manager. Leaders should have all kinds of knowledge to deal with all sorts of problem. Leaders have to know the general situation and lead the term to right direction. Good personality can convince employee. It’s clear that if people anywhere are to willingly follow someone they first want to assure themselves that the person is worthy of their trust. Leaders need to start from the grassroots to exercise leadership, to understand and get more information. Leader can make more correctly decision. 2. Definition Of Leadership

Leadership refers to the use of human and fully within the jurisdiction of the objective conditions in order to minimize the cost of accomplishing the things necessary to improve the efficiency of the whole organization. “Leadership is a relationship. Our finding from the analysis of personal-best leadership experiences challenge the myth that leadership is something that you find only at the highest levels of organizations and society. We found it everywhere. These findings also challenge the belief that leadership is reserved for a few charismatic men and women. Leadership is no an inheritance. Leadership is an identifiable set of skills and abilities that are available to all of us”. (Kouzes, 1945.) Leadership is a word taken from the common vocabulary and incorporated into the technical vocabulary of a scientific discipline without being precisely redefined. As a consequence, it carries extraneous connotations that create ambiguity of meaning. Additional confusion is caused by the use of other imprecise terms such as power, authority, management, administration, control, and supervision to describe the same phenomena. Leadership reflect the assumption that it involves a process whereby intentional influence is exerted by on person over other people to guide, structure, and facilitate activities and relationship in a group or organization. The numerous definitions of leadership that have been proposed appear to have little else in common. (Yukl. 2002) 3. Differences And Similarities Between Leadership And Management Managers plan, organize, lead, and control, so that “leading” and “managing” are inseparable in management theory. Leading is part of managing: managing means planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the work of others so the company’s aims are achieved. But if you can’t influence and inspire those people to work toward those aims, then all you’re planning and organizing will be for naught. “Leading” is thus the distinctly behavioural and “influencing” part of what manager do. Similarly, managing is part of leading: setting a direction and saying, “here’s where we’ve got to go” is usually not enough. In other words, no matter how inspiring you happen to be, management skills-such as ensuring that salaries, incentives, and other rewards make it worthwhile for your employees to try hard, and ensuring that they have the organization, abilities, and tools to do their jobs-are crucial too. (Gary, 1998)

The difference between leadership and management,
1. Management has the obvious mandatory management, and leadership is a kind of influence is characterized by non-mandatory. Leadership is about human communication. Leadership is a special kind of influence. 2. Management is defined as the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning; organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources. a.Leadership involves having a vision of what the organization can become, creating a different future, having the strategy to get there. Leadership is about creating organizational culture,...
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