Leadership and Future Cities Team

Topics: Leadership, Waste, Recycling Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 1, 2013
and allow us to support each other through our academic journey. By joining NJHS, I would be able to increase my service to the community and further develop the desirable qualities of a person, such as leadership. I understand that the National Junior Honor Society looks for students that demonstrate strength in the following categories: leadership, character, service, and citizenship. I am happy to say that I do so. When I take part in a group project, I am usually the leader of the group. I constantly encourage others and never listen to bad influences. I also let the everyone share their ideas and listen to them without interrupting or going ahead with my plan. An example of my leadership was in the Future Cities team. I created the idea of having an underground water filtration system and using magnetized hovercrafts. Therefore, I was the leader of the sections that worked to create these and they were both large parts of the model. I believe this an example of good leadership because the Future Cities team won second place. I also have a great character for I am honest, respectful, and responsible. I try my best to mature as a person and strive to achieve my ambitions. If I fail, I try again until I succeed do not allow myself to remain depressed. In addition, I help people whenever possible. This year, I tutored a student in my class who did not understand science for two hours. When he retook the science test his score rose from a thirty eight percent to a eighty four percent. As for service, I have participated in many activities held by an organization called HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh) which performs many different types of service. About once every month, this association holds trash cleanups where participating people remove solid waste from roadsides. HSS also holds many different charities throughout the year to raise money for cancer, heart disease, and many other subjects. Finally, HSS holds food drives where people can donate non-perishable...
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