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HUD (Housing & Urban Development) Leadership Anaylsis

HUD (Housing & Urban Development) Leadership Analysis

Merceda D. Gooding

Section 8 voucher participant & Advocate

June 3, 2011


This study examines the U.S. Housing & Urban Development leadership (HUD) and provides an analysis on how to improve HUD’s strategic vision, administrative framework, employee, civil society and participants relations and culture environment. Over the years there have been major reforms at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development because of scandals, misappropriations and distrust that have been costly and unsuccessful. HUD is a public sector organization functioning autocratic leadership style not diplomatic and democratic. Even though, HUD is reinventing itself, it is a major issue with effective leadership at HUD. This paper will indentify the inadequacies, distrust issues and challenges faced from the HUD’s principal leadership officials and suggestions on how they can improve to transform their leadership roles and styles in a bureaucratic environment.


HUD (U.S. Housing & Urban Development) Leadership Analysis

HUD (United States Housing & Urban Development) was established as a Cabinet Department by the Department of Housing and Urban Development Act in 1965. As the principal federal agency responsible for the improvement and development of America’s housing and communities, HUD’s programs include: providing mortgage insurance to help individuals and families become homeowners; development rehabilitation and modernization of the nation’s public and Indian housing stock; development of HUD-insured multifamily housing; development, improvement and revitalization of America’s urban centers and neighborhoods; providing rental subsidies to lower-income families to help them obtain affordable housing, and the enforcement of Federal Fair Housing laws (HUD, 2010). The major players of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Secretary- Shaun Donavan Deputy Secretary – Ron Simms

Assist. Secretary Community & Planning Development - Mercedes Marquez

Secretary for Policy, Development & Research - Raphael Bostic

Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations - Deter Kovar

Assist. Secretary for Public and Indian Housing - Sandra B. Hernanquez

Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity - John Trasvina

Acting Assistant Secretary Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner - Bob Ryan

General Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs - Neill Mc G. Coleman

United States Housing & Urban Development (HUD) main headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. Under the national HUD’s umbrella is the regional state and local offices located in every state and municipality in the United States. The organization is governed by the legislation, federal housing laws and regulations to operate their programs, service and products for subsidized citizens, homeless, low and moderate income persons with affordable housing. The organization has critical problems and complexity challenges with mismanagement, resistance to change, misuse of policies, lack of transparency and accountability. The bureaucratic organizational structure fosters authoritarian and autocratic management styles, control, hierarchical authority, and bureaucratic routines, internal and external conflicts that caused a lack of communication resulting in devastation relations between the local, state, national HUD offices with citizens, advocacy groups and staff.

HUD’s principal leadership lacks human skills communicating or interacting with employees (local and state), citizens and participants. They lack a shared vision, strong belief in rules in...

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