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Bathala sudha Rani,
Leadership in Management MANA 6310-01.
Assignment on International Bank Case
1. Base only on the consultant’s summary, which of three candidates would you select as a leader for the group of loan officers? Discuss and defend your decision? I will choose F.C as a leader for the group of loan officers. The reason why I will chose him is because of his personalities like I)High extraversion- make new friends quickly, talkative, sociable, stimulation of other people. II) High conscientiousness- formulates long term goals, organize, plan and implement the ways to achieve those goals. III) High positive attitude- key factor for a successful leader. IV) High emotional stability- emotionally stable, calm. 2. The selection committee is more divided than before on who would be best for the job. What additional information do you think you would need to help you select the best candidate? According to me the following listed items are the best additional items to select the best candidate. They are A) Technical skills: Able to understand the operation and make tough decision. B) Conceptual skills: can understand all parts of business and how each part contributes to the whole. C) Human skills: Ability to develop co-operation with in the group and good attitude towards others. 3. How much do you think should be given to the personality assessment? Do you believe personality test can be useful in predicting the best person for a job? Discuss? Personality assessment is important in selection procedure. It provides a measure of how individual work with people, approach their tasks, communicate, and approach change, deals with stress. 75% of organizations practice personality test. I believe that personality test can be a strong predictor of job performance.
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