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This paper will discuss leadership as it relates to healthcare and nursing. There is a difference between incomplete grief and maturational greif. Not being able to properly identify the grief can result in unproductive therapies. Incomplete grief occurs when any symptom of grief, such as depression, poor appetite, or denial of death is unresolved or prolonged more than a normal grief process. Persons may also start to display inappropriate identification with the deceased parent. This can come in the form of taking on the roles and mannerisms and attitudes of the deceased. It is hard for a child to grieve the loss of a parent especially when the parent was the primary caregiver. The children may be expected to take on the roles of the deceased parent or memorialize the deceased, leading to more grief. Maturational grief occurs when life events happen that remind the child of the deceased and they temporarily re-live the grief again. Such events can include the birth of a child, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or any event that comes with maturing. When emotions are properly addressed and worked through, they will not have any residual effects to the child.

This study looks at 215 participants that responding to a standardized 5-point self-reporting scale totaling 26 questions. Participants included 174 females and 41 males. In this article, Miyabayashi and Yasuda evaluated how the cause or onset of death affected the grief process. Participants were separated into five groups, “bereaved by suicide, accident, acute illness, shorter illness, and longer illness”. How they perceived their overall physical and emotional health was measured. It appeared that most reported more of an emotional reaction to death, and the group who lost someone due to suicide were noted to have the most devastating bereavement process. Although the suicide group reported more depression, it was found that “unanticipated or unnatural loss” group had a more severe...
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