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Goleman found in his research that Leaders used one of these styles at any one time Each of the Six Leadership styles comes from the use of Emotional Intelligence COMMANDING OR COERCIVE LEADER
Is one of the most aggressive of the six Leadership Styles, expects and demands immediate compliance to his/her orders He/ She accomplishes tasks by ordering and dictating, even demeaning his/her followers at times Should be used for short time frames, just to get the job done in crises AUTHORITATIVE OR VISIONARY LEADER

This Leader establishes him/herself as being visionary and sees the way forward, leading the company to success Although this leader leads the team to the vision, he/she does not utilize the team to establish how they get there by themselves This style is particularly effective in times when a new direction is needed AFFILIATE LEADER: ONE WHO PROMOTES SOCIAL BOND

Is renowned for building teams; for putting employees first. Employees can expect a great deal of praise and feedback This style is used in situations of low morale and poor teamwork. It creates good team bonding and heightened team performance The negative aspect can be that poor performance will go by without feedback as the Leader may feel that conflict will upset the balance Democratic Leader

He/she uses the team to make decision and improvements
Communication is key in this style, thereby Workers feel that their opinion counts, and because of that feeling they are more committed to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization Remember, decisions in timely manner still have to be made

Pacesetting Leader
Only when employees are self-motivated and highly skilled, the Pacesetting Leadership method comes into play and is extremely effective. These Leaders set very high performance standards for themselves and the group Like the Coercive model, this Leadership Style cannot be...
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