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Chapter 4
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Leadership mind and heart

After this session, you should be able to:
• Recognise how mental models guide
your behaviour and relationships.
• Engage in independent thinking by
staying mentally alert, thinking
critically and being mindful rather than

• Break out of categorised thinking
patterns and open your mind to new
ideas and multiple perspectives.
• Begin to apply systems thinking and
personal mastery to your activities at
school or work.

• Exercise emotional intelligence,
including being self-aware, managing
your emotions, motivating yourself,
displaying empathy and managing

• Understand the differences between
transactional and transformational
leadership, and have a clearer idea of
which style you generally prefer.

Mental models
• Mental models are theories people hold
about specific systems in the world and
their expected behaviour.
• Leaders should be aware of how their
own and others’ mental models affect
thinking and may cause blind spots that
limit understanding and effectiveness.

Example of a mental model

Developing a leader’s mind

Moving to a new mental model
Independent thinking
Systems thinking
Personal mastery

Emotional intelligence
• Eight categories or families of emotions
– Anger, sadness, fear, enjoyment, love,
surprise, disgust and shame

Self awareness
Self management
Social awareness
Relationship management

Components of emotional

Leading with fear
• Fear:

Powerful motivator
Often meets organisational needs
Lose the best people
Lose the knowledge they have
Creates avoidance behaviour
Inhibits growth and change
Weakens trust and communication
People feel powerless
No-one takes risk

Leading with love
• A relationship in which one person feels
a loyalty towards – genuinely wishes
the best for – another.
• Love as motivation.
• Love as feelings.
• Love as action.

Fear and love
• Fear-based motivation (lower needs):
– I need a job to pay for my basic needs. You
give me a job, and I will give you just
enough to keep my job.

• Love-based motivation (higher needs):
– If the job and the leader make me feel
valued as a person and provide a sense of
meaning and contribution to the community
at large, then I will give you all I have to

Transactional leadership
• The basis of transactional leadership is
a transaction or exchange process
between leaders and followers.
• Transactional leaders:

Focus on the present
Excel at smooth running and efficiency
Traditional management
Follow the rules
Maintain stability

Transformational leadership
• Transformational leadership is
characterised by the ability to bring
about significant change.
• Ability to lead change.
• Promote innovation.
• Focus on intangible qualities.
• Providing common ground.
• Based on personal values, beliefs and

Transformational leadership
• Develops followers into leaders.
• Elevates the concerns of followers from
lower-level physical needs to higherlevel psychological needs. • Inspires followers to go beyond their
own self-interest for the good of the

Transformational leadership
• Paints a vision of desired future state
and communicates it in a way that
makes the pain of change worth the

• Mental models.
• Developing a leader’s mind.
• Emotional intelligence – leading with
heart and mind.
• Transactional versus transformational

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