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1. Leadership styles are the different approaches by which a leader may fulfill his or her leadership role. There are several different leadership styles. First is the autocratic leaders, this are leaders who hoard decision-making power for themselves and typically issue orders without consulting their followers. Autocratic leaders are best in high-stress situations where there is little time for input. Likewise, autocratic leaders are good for situations where poor organization is present, as they can simply take the reins and make the decisions. One of a good example of autocratic leaders is those in the military.

Next is democratic leaders, this are leaders who share power with their followers. While they still make final decisions, they typically solicit and incorporate input from their followers. Democratic leaders are simply a spokesperson for the masses. Democratic leaders are not good in situations where a decision must be made on a split second. This style is good for groups where everyone must feel valued and understand that their values are important.

Lastly is the free-rein leader. These are leaders who set objectives for their followers but give them freedom to choose how they accomplish those goals. This is where subordinates just do as they feel they should. In other words – subordinates are given the ‘free reign’ to get the job done. The subordinates have to prove their worth through accomplishments. This style is good in situations where each individual must work independent and there is no real team. It is bad in situations where you need structure.

As an employee I feel comfortable to work in a team in which I can experience my democratic leadership. As tennis teacher I like to be valued as a person, I like to give my opinion and receive feedback from my students and coworkers. In this way I can easily modified my teaching skills base on the ability of each of my students.

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CSU, The Key to Success
Education is one of the best gifts we can give to our self. It is the key to our life’s improvement, the pedestal for us to see our future brighter and the answer to all our questions. According to 2012 survey of educational attainment in US, America only has 30.94% of students who finish college and have their bachelor’s degree. This means that a lot of young generation now a day is having trouble to get the education they need. Going to college you need to pass through a lot of obstacle this might be financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. How many are we who need to work and go to school at the same time? Do we have enough support system to finish what we started? Can I still provide the needs of my family if I went back to school? These are only few questions we always ask ourselves every time we think of going back to school.
Columbia Southern University or CSU is one of the online schools that offer online degree to student with lots of benefits. They know the value of education and how they can provide a better learning experience to students without compromising their needs. They give a competitive tuition priced to make achieving a quality education affordable and realistic. Not only providing a good quality education with less money. Columbia Southern University also know the hardship of all their student that’s why they provide a much convenient education, in which the student can do their school in the most flexible way they can think of. They can have fun with their families, do their job and still go to school all at the same time. These benefits are just few but make a lot of difference in a long run.
Therefore going back to school is not that hard anymore, just look for the right school and make the most of it. There is always a saying that will definitely make some argument in life and it goes like this “Where there 's a will, there 's a way.”
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