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Style of Leadership
  Mother Teresa is among the most fascinating and highly respected women of the twentieth century. She was a woman who saved lives and changed them through the sheer force of her faith and determination. Mother Teresa was devoted to be love in action on earth. 特里薩修女


The Components of Transformational Leadership
1. Intellectual Stimulation
2. Individualized Consideration
3. Inspirational Motivation
4. Idealized Influence
1. 智力刺激
2. 個性化的代價
3. 鼓舞人心的動機
4. 理想化的影響
Mother Teresa- She took in the poor and needy and through that interaction changed their lives. 特里薩修女,她把窮人和有需要的,通過這種互動改變他們的生活。 Transformational leaders often point beyond themselves to great ideas and principles. 變革型領導往往指向超越自己的偉大思想和原則。Although she died in 1997, the religious order Mother Teresa founded, the Missionaries of Charity, is still thriving. It has more than 4,000 nuns running orphanages, AIDS hospices, and charity centers worldwide. 雖然她在1997年去世的宗教秩序德雷莎修女創辦的仁愛傳教修女會,依然是一枝獨秀。它擁有4000多名修女孤兒院,艾滋病收容所,和世界各地的慈善中心。 “Mother Teresa is a wonderful example of a servant leader,” says Franz. “She never set out to be famous, yet her humbleness and faithfulness were so profound that people couldn’t stop talking about them.”

Out of her faithfulness, humility, and sacrifice grew a certain moral authority that inspired people to embrace her calling for themselves. “I think the life of someone who is so firmly fixed on a selfless ‘true north’ stands out like a beacon in the night,” adds Franz. “德蘭修女是一個很好的例子,一個僕人領袖,說:”弗朗茨。“她從來沒有設置出名,但她的謙遜和誠實是如此深刻,人們不能停止談論他們。”

她的誠實,謙卑,犧牲增長,啟發人們去擁抱她,要求自己有一定的道德權威。“我認為,一個人的生命是如此牢固地固定在一個無私的”真北“站出來像一盞明燈在夜間,補充說:”弗朗茨。 She set an example of excellence, 她以身作則
Mother Teresa
Leadership Lessons

1. Faithfulness is more important than the Big Dream
While most of us like to focus on the big idea, or the big vision, Mother Teresa focuses...
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