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In the current business globe we have a lot of competition and every now and then one leader is replaced by another, it is very challenging to come to an knowing of how multinational companies succeed over domestic companies and private firms and moreover how leaders are born and how can they cause by example indicating the most crucial of responsibility as well as dealing with adversities. However we can come to a better understanding when we look from different levels of the organisation or simply understanding who are leaders by observing their relationship with accountability, their importance in multinational companies, the adversities they face and how they handle them and evaluating their traits and how that brings behavioral changes in people working in the same organisation. By observing all these factors we should be able to evaluate why are leaders so important and crucial for a multinational organisation to achieve its goals and make sure that all employees follow in the same direction.

Leaders are individuals who impact other people and show them the way ahead, all leaders have particular features which illustrate the power factors in a person and make other individuals adhere to their direction. Leaders have the ability to turn a company from making large losses to making large profits. It is not rocket science and it does not require an extreme individual to do this, all it needs is the right mind-set and the perfect social abilities in an individual to touch and impact other people (Ronald, E R 2011). All organizations are made up of people and not devices so to impact a person you do not have to be a machine, you have to have people who can earn respect and impact other individuals by showing himself at the front side of others and getting power by performance. Are leaders born or made? The research on this particular question has been done and it seems to be that ‘48% of the variance in transactional leadership may be explained by additive heritability, and 59% of the variance in transformational leadership may be explained by non-additive (dominance) heritability’(Johnson, A M, et al 1998). So what we can take from the research is that there is an overlapping but still the research directs towards the fact that leaders are made and not born. Another concept which facilitates this is ‘The Awakened Leader’ which brings more light to how leaders are created and not born. Leaders are created by their encounters in life and although they have their bad periods, they still perceive it to be an opportunity in disguise and that is what actually allows them to progress in life and become real Leaders (Marques, J 2007).

Organizations these days need experience, great capability, dedication and reliability in an employee which are few general skills employers expect of their employees, in any given market the competition levels are very high and this is just at the household stage. In the Worldwide business situation the employee not only has to have the household stage qualities but they also have to obtain social skills which are very important to work with clients, TABLE 1.1 – Leadership traits and qualities (Zaccaro, S J, 2004 )1. Cognitive capacities,General intelligence,Creative thinking capacities.2. Personality,Extroversion,Conscientiousness,Emotional stability,Openness,Agreeableness,MBTI preference for extroversion, intuition,thinking and judging.3. Motives and needs,Need for power,Need for achievement,Motivation to lead.4. Social capacities,Self-monitoring,Social intelligence,Emotional intelligence.5. Problem-solving skills,Problem construction,Solution generation,Metacognition.6. Tacit knowledge.| traders, producers and government organisation present in an unknown environment (across borders). Social skills are separated into two wide catagories which are the capability to connect psychologically and second being the verbal/social alternatives of psychological abilities (Sayeed, O B, Shanker...
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