Leaders in "Kelly's Heroes"

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February 3, 2014
Leaders in “Kelly's Heroes”
Managing for Results

Essay Question #1
Identify the top five leaders and the purpose of their leadership role in the film “Kelly’s Heroes”.

Clint Eastwood (Kelly) - He was previously a Lieutenant, but was busted down to a Private (he was used as a scapegoat). Because of that he had no respect for authority. His main goal was to stay alive and later on, to find the gold at any cost necessary. As a Lieutenant, he learned organizational skills which served to help him organize an elaborate plan for a bank heist, which is where the gold was being held. He got the men enthusiastic and involved to execute the scheme of robbing the gold from the German's.

Donald Sutherland (Oddball) - He was a Tank Commander. He wanted to keep his men out of dangerous action and alive to party instead of fight. He was a hippy type, somewhat of an anachronism. When he found out about the gold, he encouraged, enticed and led his troops (9-10 men) into the scheme of things, which they were well rewarded for their efforts.

Telly Savalas (Big Joe) - He was a by-the-book Sergeant. He tried to follow the military code at all costs. He was very disturbed at how broken the chain-of-command was. His Captain was totally incompetent, which pushed him to lead the men. He had the soldiers best interest at heart, but realized he had a job to do. When he became involved in the bank heist, he asked each and every man if they wanted to risk their life and career before agreeing to go along with the heist himself.

Don Rickles (Crap-game/hustler) - He was the Supply Sergeant and liked to dabble in shady deals - make money for himself any way possible. He wanted in on the gold heist right away and agreed to supply the gold heist scheme with food, ammunition, and weapons. He elected himself to be the one to give the men a hard time.

Carroll O'Connor (Major General Colt) - He was very enthusiastic about winning...
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