Leaderless Nigeria

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Chris Bjorklund
434 Threat Analysis
February 3, 2013

After witnessing one military leader replaced by another, the Nigerian people have elected their presidential administration since 1999. Although it is a remarkable achievement in Africa, the Nigerian leadership has significant challenges through the next decade. Ever since the emergence of the Nigerian democracy, thousands paid the ultimate price due to the polarization along religious and cultural ancestries. Thus, violence is the communication tool of choice usually backed by the al-Qaeda regional ally Boko Haram and reminding the Nigerian people of the civil war waged in the late 1960’s. The Nigerian state poses no threat to the United States; however, the terrorist originations within its borders do threaten US safety at the homeland and interests abroad.

Section I: Politics

The current Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, just happened to be at the right place at the right time following the death of President Nimadi Sambo assuming office on 19 May 2010. President Jonathan has led the Nigerians nowhere, embarrassing the country from a money laundering scandal that his wife Patience, allegedly apart of, to attempting to null fuel subsidies to hide the miss use of government funds. With having the same governing structure as the United States, a federal republic, one would think engineering scandals would be difficult for head of state; however, with little oversight, treasonous government officials have had minimal difficulty. The Fuel Subsidies Scandal

Nigeria like their Middle Eastern neighbors is a leading oil producer; however, due to the country's lack of vision has chosen not to invest in Nigerian refineries. The government has had no choice but to import the majority of petroleum-based fuels because of this. This has given corrupt government officials the opportunity to fleece a stated $8 billion away from the people of Nigeria. However, an...

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