lead poisoning

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Lead Poisoning can affect
your child all of their lives.


Protecting children from exposure to lead
is important to lifelong good health. Even
low levels of lead in blood have been
shown to affect IQ, ability to pay
attention, and academic achievement.
Elevated lead levels can affect the nervous
system and as such cause developmental
delays, hyperactivity, poor muscle strength
and tone, and induce seizures.
It may also cause abdominal
pain, constipation, and kidney disease.

National Lead Information Center at
(800) 424-LEAD, or visit the EPA web
site at www.epa.gov/lead
New Jersey Department of Health



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What is lead poisoning? Lead is
a naturally occurring metal in
our environment. It has been
used in many industrial
processes. The most common
source of lead is paint that was
used on the interior and exterior
surfaces. Lead is a naturally
occurring metal in our
environment. In 2012, CDC
defined a reference level of 5
micrograms per deciliter
(µg/dL) to identify children
with elevated blood lead levels.
These children are exposed to
more lead than most children
Because there are an estimated
900,000 children ages 1 to 5
have an elevated blood lead
level, routine yearly testing
should be done at ages 1 and
2yrs of age as recommended by
American Academy of

Lead With Evidence
The Center of Disease Control
and Prevention
You can log on to this site for
further statistics
according to your state and area.

What can you do to avoid lead exposure in
your home?

Children are exposed to lead in
several ways:

Inspect your home for chipped or peeling
paint in the house. Lead-based paint is usually
not harmful if it is not chipping or flaking.

When cleaning your house wet clean areas
that potentially harbor lead dust like window
sills. Use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a
HEPA filter.
When doing home renovations, always avoid
having your children at home .You may want
to have your home tested for the presence of
lead paint and dust. A lead abatement can be
performed at the time of renovation.
If you have lead in your pipes, let the tap run
for 30 seconds before using it for drinking or
cooking if the tap has not been used for more
than a couple of hours. Only cold tap water
for drinking, cooking, and preparing formula
should be used.
Have your child play in grassy areas. Dirt may
contain lead and sticks to hands.
Make sure to change clothes and shower
before coming home if you work in lead
production or usage fields (e.g. firing range,
battery plant).

It is important to maintain a well balanced diet
with foods particularly high in iron and calcium.
A child whose body is lacking iron and calcium
tends to absorb more lead

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Paint. Lead paint has been banned for use
since 1978. Older homes built before
1960, have an increased risk for having
lead paint. Peeling paint chips, dust from
window and door sills, and soil
contaminated from exterior lead paint and
pipes are possible sources of lead. The use
of lead paint on children's toys and
furniture was banned in 1978, but due to
production factories in foreign lands toys
made abroad may still contain lead paint.
These toys may expose your child
especially if the toys are placed in the
Water. Lead was used in pipes, solder,
and in fixtures until 1988, and many of
these pipes have not been replaced.
Food cans. Lead solder may potentially
still be found in food cans imported to the
United States from abroad.
Pottery and cookware. Some countries
abroad pottery and ceramic ware are
painted or glazed with lead and may leach
into food.
Folk or home health remedies and
certain cosmetics. Some...
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