Lead and Free Time

Topics: Lead, Decay chain, Radium Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: September 18, 2013
The Talkative Turtle
Once, in a certain lake of Uranium, there lived a turtle and a pair of swan. The turtle and the swans were friends. They would spend their free time together.

One year, the rains did not come. The lake of Uranium began to dry up. The swans became worried. But the turtle had a plan. She suggested that the swans fly in search for a lake. The swans agreed and flew off.

After flying for a day, they found perfect lake called, “Lead.” The swans began to fly back again to inform their friend turtle what they found, because they don’t want to leave their friend behind. “But how can the turtle get there?” The swan asked. The turtle thought for a while and came up with another plan. “Find a stick that you can hold on to your beaks, then I’ll hang on to the stick with my mouth, so that I can fly up with you.” The turtle said.

The swans liked the idea, but the swans became worried because the turtle might began talking and fall of the stick. “You must be careful not to open your mouth while we are flying with you.” The swans warned her. “Of course.” The turtle said.

It is the time! They started to fly up above, and while they are flying, they rest for a while in the land of Thorium. Then after several minutes, they began to fly again. But after an hour, they felt hunger so they just landed in the place of Radium. After their stomachs were already full, they have enough amount of energy to fly again, and they started to fly again. But after a few minutes, the swan felt that there is something like butterflies flying inside his stomach. They landed again and went to the forest of Radon.

Because of flying and flying and flying, they just decided to stop and took a rest in Polonium, a beautiful mountain. After a day, they looked for some food in the land of Bismuth where known as the best place for having many different kinds of food. And after that, they flew again.

It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to the...
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