Le Morte d' Arthur (Nobility)

Topics: Knights of the Round Table, Gawain, King Arthur Pages: 1 (464 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Is Sir Gawain a noble knight and what is it? Yes, Sir Gawain is consider a noble knight in the story of “Le morte d’ Arthur”. Nobility, in the story, is the quality of a noble character in mind, birth, dignity and decency. Sir Gawain follows the standards of nobility in the story of “ Le Morte d’ Arthur”.He is an important member of the round table. He never turns his back on the King Arthur. He never gives up on the fight with Sir Launcelot and he realizes what he has done wrong at the end of his life. Being a member of the round table, never turning his back on the King Arthur, never giving up, and realizing what he did wrong are all signs of a noble person. First sign of nobility, Sir Gawain is a member of the round table. The round table is made up of only noble people. In Medieval times, people in the round table had to be members of the upper-class families. Sir Gawain, in other words, is King Arthur’s nephew and loyal knight. Second act of nobility, Sir Gawain never turning his back on King Arthur. He stays true to his king. He never backs down in war. In the story he states “ the issue of a mare has failed me, but I am the issue of a king and I shall not fail.” He is always there when he is needed by Arthur. In addition, Sir Gawain never gives up the fight with Sir Launcelot. He keeps trying to defeat him. Eventhough he is wounded, he never backs down to what he is determined to do. In the story, he says, “ Traitor! Until one of us is dead I shall never give in”. This act shows that he has courage and bravery. He doesn’t give up the fight with Launcelot until he is dead. At last, Sir Gawain shows his nobility by realizing what he has done wrong. When his wound is reopened, he thinks about the way he has treated Sir Launcelot. He writes a letter, asking for forgiveness to Sir Launcelot. He didnt want to be recoiled by Sir Launcelot. Sir Gawain realizes that the cause of his own death was of his own seeking by the...
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