Le Duff America Team Report

Topics: Enterprise application integration, Business process management, Strategic management Pages: 9 (2565 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Le Duff America: Enterprise Architecture

Team members: Aakash Patel, Kevin Green, Nhan Do, Kabin Maharjan 1) Company Overview. Select one of the team member’s company for the project. Concisely describe the company’s business, its competitive market position, and strategic thrust. (about 1.5 pages). You may disguise the identity of the company, but be sure to provide the name, title, and email contact of the executive you interviewed. If none of your team members is currently associated with a company, try to find a company or organization through your personal network connections, such as former employers, friends, church members, or neighbors, etc.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Le Duff America is the North American subsidiary of Groupe Le Duff, a global bakery and restaurant conglomerate based out of Rennes, France. Formed in 2002, Le Duff America operates, franchises and licenses multiple national and regional North American and Canadian restaurant and café brands that are widely recognized as leaders in the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry. Le Duff America's growing portfolio of brands includes Brioche Dorée, Bruegger's Bagels, la Madeleine Country French Café, Michel's Baguette, Mimi's Café and Timothy's World Coffee. Throughout each brand there is a strong commitment to providing quality, authentic, nutritional and fresh menu items and exceptional service to its customers. The company has positioned itself to dominate the urban and French bakery/café style segment of the fast casual restaurant industry. Locations include, upscale, stand-alone establishments and highly-trafficked, nontraditional foodservice venues, such as those in malls, airports, universities, and healthcare hubs. Recent, as well as, future growth and expansion has been well on the horizon as two of the brands, Bruegger’s Bagels and Mimi’s Café were both acquired within the last three years and plans to double la Madeleine’s footprint in select markets is currently underway. Le Duff America has had to modify its IT infrastructure to allow both its retail and corporate operations to be more efficient across the various brands, as well as, scalable to accommodate the rapid growth and recent acquisitions. The organization needed to shift away from the current enterprise architecture in which IT was being leveraged to accommodate growing business needs. The overwhelm of new systems and interfaces, along with increased demands from the business units has put IT in a position to where they can no longer effectively innovate. A majority of IT resources were being used on creating piece meal solutions to individual business unit requests similar to the operating model of a diversification strategy with a maturity stage of a business silos architecture. If the company was to keep up with today’s competitive market place in the restaurant industry a revamp of the enterprise architecture would be needed to allow the organization to achieve the efficiencies and capabilities needed to compete.

2) IT Management. Interview the CIO (or a senior IT officer) of this company on a focused topic. This means that you can choose one (and just one) of the facets of IT management topics we have discussed in class: IT governance, enterprise architecture, IT-business alignment, problems and issues in IS/IT implementation, outsourcing, etc. Be sure to include these 2 sections: a) Short case description -- concise but sufficient descriptive details on the company’s efforts in this area. (about 2 pages)

Rapid growth in the organization’s operations has led to an increase in the volume of transactions processed and systems used to process them across all business activities within the organization. Not only did this make it a challenge for resources involved in business activities requiring manual interaction, but it also posed a challenge to the current IT systems and resources in place. The various business departments within Le Duff...
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