LDR532 Week 3 Individual

Topics: Water, Infrastructure, Sustainability Pages: 4 (437 words) Published: April 20, 2015

Advisor to the Mayor
Mistydawn Crawford
March 9, 2015
Lana Salomonson

Advisor to the Mayor
Water is a vital resource to every community and city. It’s necessary for basic human survival to drink and for non-essential purposes such as washing a car or watering a house plant. Each individual in a city uses this resource. City officials hold the responsibility of providing and maintaining access to this resource for residents. The city of Kelsey is facing this very dilemma. As a result of population growth and in an effort to curb overconsumption, the city of Kelsey has chosen to enact a long term sustainability project targeting the water supply.

Population has currently outgrown the current infrastructure to the water system and the city has chosen to make upgrades to the water treatment facility and piping that carries the water through the city (University of Phoenix, 2015). These upgrades will take years to complete and should be brought before the city for approval. To address the current usage and sustainability concerns much of the plan is an educational campaign for the public to shed light on how each resident may conserve this resource.

The public works department will be heavily involved in both ends of this sustainability effort and should work closely with the conservation commission. Public awareness may start with an ad campaign either written, televised, or through social media. Residents of Kelsey must be well informed of the concerns and reasons for heightened conservation efforts. The public works department may consider a call center or assigning a point of contact for all questions related to the water sustainability initiative. Providing discounts or tax incentives for residents with the greatest water efficiency may offer incentive for more city residents to get involved with the process. This would be similar to offering incentives for individuals that have added energy efficient appliances or...
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